We will exhibit at BitSummit Drift, the largest indie game festival in Japan!

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GYAAR Studio will have a booth at BitSummit Drift, which will be held at Miyako Messe in Kyoto from July 19 (Fri) to July 21 (Sun), 2024!
You can try out the VR card game “Project: JUDGE VISIONS” and 5 other titles from the 2nd GYAAR Studio Indie Game Contest winners at the GYAAR Studio booth. This will be the first time for GYAAR Studio to exhibit the 2nd contest award winning titles.
Please come to the booth and play the games that the developers have put their hearts and souls into!

*Some of our amazing developers of the exhibited titles will be at the booth and available for interviews on the days.
*Japanese-English interpreters are available at certain times during the event.

The booth will be decorated with the new key visuals of the contest, so please look forward to it!

Booth Number : BZ-01 GYAAR Studio(3F)

【Exhibit Contents】

GYAAR Studio

VR Card Game『Project: JUDGE VISIONS

The card game you dreamed of is now a reality!
Experience adrenaline-fueled card battles with stunning visuals unique to VR.
Use cards to summon life-sized monsters and pave your way to victory!

GYAAR Studio Indie Game Contest Winning Titles

1.BANDIT KNIGHT (2.5D bandit Action) 2nd Platinum Award

BANDIT KNIGHT is a bandit action game where you explore a 2.5D sprite world.
Become part of a guild of bandits and steal treasure from evil merchants and aristocrats!
You can then use the items you collected to power up your characters!
There's also a wealth of specializations: stronger stealing makes you steal more, stronger stealth makes you steal sneakily, and stronger combat lets you take on the guards and escorts!
So find, take, and steal to your heart's content!
Developer Booth Number : H-01STEAM

2.KILLA : kill the la (Story Adventure) 2nd Award Winners

KILLA : kill the la
Embark on a vengeful quest with Valhalla in "KILLA," where a single clue leads you to a mysterious island. Dive into a 3D adventure world using unique skills like "Resonance" and "Dreams" to solve the mystery of your mentor's death. Navigate the enigmatic island of Yips, unveil its secrets, and kill the La. Your decisions carve the path to multiple endings.
Fall into paranoia, suspect everyone, and finally, "Kill the La".
Developer Booth Number : A-09STEAM

3.Jelly Troops (Real-time Action Strategy) 2nd Award Winners

A real-time action strategy game packed with moments where you take down the opponent or get taken down by them!
Summon and multiply an army of slimes and achieve victory by capturing either the four flags placed on the maps or the opposing team’s flags.
Exciting skirmishes unfold as you build walls to guide away your opponent's slimes or sneakily take their flag.
Maps are random and matches are short, so if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!STEAM

4.SUMMER ROAD(Auto Hack and Slash RPG)2nd Award Winners

This 10-minute Rogue-lite RPG is crafted for even the busiest of schedules!
In this rogue-lite game combining auto-progression and item creation, players utilize only the expansive inventory space to create and equip items that move the story forward.
While actions like movement and attacks are automatic, specific acts change based on combinations of equipment. Its unique, easy-to-play structure as well as the numerous options and events within the story give this bite-sized RPG high replay value!STEAM

5.Algolemeth (Fully automatic Dungeon RPG) 2nd Award Winners

In Algolemeth, create and fine tune a golem's battle logic AI and send it forward into a labyrinth in this fully-automated dungeon RPG!
Your input on its journey ends with the creation of its AI. Improve it through trial and error so that the golem makes it out of the labyrinth!STEAM

Exhibit information for other works related to the GYAAR Studio indie game contest

Phoenixx Booth

1.Parry Nightmare ( Action ) 1st Award WinnersSTEAM

2.The Strongest TOFU: fragile adventure ( Action ) 1st Award WinnersSTEAM

3.Electrogical ( Puzzle ) 1st Award WinnersSTEAM

Booth Number : IP-01

Developers Booth

1.METAL SUITS ( Action ) 2nd Honorable MentionSTEAM

Booth Number : J-09

2.Sea Fantasy ( Action RPG ) GoogleIGF GYAAR Studio AwardSTEAM

Booth Number : B-04

For information on venue access and ticket purchase, please visit the official BitSummit Drift website.
 BitSummit Drift Official Site

For inquiries, please contact
 GYAAR Studio Indie Game Contest :

We all look forward to meeting you!

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