1st GYAAR Studio Indie Game Contest Of the 209 entries, the title that steals the show and wins the Platinum Award is...!
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Platinum Award

Little Cheese Works

Developer(s):Bubble Gum

Game Summary

An action co-op game, where two or more mice must carry the cheese to the goal without being spotted by the cat!
Players work together to carry the cheese as quietly as they can, so that they won't wake the sensitive cat who will jump at the slightest sound.
Working under a shady company that sends them to dangerous sites day and night, will these mice be able to overcome the myriad of obstacles that stand in their way and lead a peaceful life?

The game system, controls, and look and feel are very well put together for a co-op game. There are plans to introduce voice chat (but we risk waking the cat if we're too loud...!) and other elements, making this a very exciting title to look forward to. We were also impressed by the attention to detail, such as making the mouse fall over when they run.
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    Game Summary

    An electric puzzle game that utilizes jigsaw puzzles and basic math!
    Embark on an adventure as an engineer that repairs switchboards along with superconductivity neko lifeforms.
    Combine and arrange pieces of a formula such as +1 and ×4 so that they reach the target number!
    Multiple solutions exist for each stage. Unearth the highest-scoring combination through trial and error!

    The theme, concept, game objectives, and UI are all very clear and fit together well, and the game is carefully designed and well-organized.
    The goal to be a "puzzle game that becomes a part of your life" is also interesting and compelling for a game to play during short breaks.
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    Strongest Tofu

    Developer(s):Zounoashi Games

    Game Summary

    Become tofu.
    Not only is Strongest Tofu a physics game full of wobbly action, it’s the best place in the world to live the tofu experience!
    Become a fragile piece of tofu that can instantly go splat from the impact of a fall or an enemy attack.
    Fight the fear of instant death, defeat enemies to collect soybeans, handcraft new tofu at the factory, and continue your adventure as a stronger piece of tofu!
    Your journey to reach “paradise” begins now...

    Before all else, the idea of "a game that offers the best tofu experience" is very unique and intriguing. We also thought Zounoashi Games' dedication to tofu was very impressive. It plays nicely as an action game and we are looking forward to the further spread of Japanese tofu culture overseas through this game.
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    Parry Nightmare

    Developer(s):KAKUKAKU GAMES

    Game Summary

    Trapped in the Nightmare world, work together with your alter ego, Honnou-chan, to make your escape in this top-down action game.
    Survive endless enemy attacks with parries, charge your gauge, and wipe them out in one strike.
    Collect light from defeated enemies and exorcise the darkness in Nightmare!
    Enjoy this unique parry and buddy action game filled with easy-to-navigate yet exhilarating maneuvers!!

    We could immediately understand the game's content and appeal, as well as the developers' intended gameplay experience they want their players to have. The combination of easy-to-understand rules and controls, an exhilarating battle system, and engaging background music and effects makes this a game worth playing again and again.
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    Sky the Scraper

    Developer(s):Ryo Kobuchi

    Game Summary

    You are the young cleaner of a skyscraper who dreams of a better future, in this roguelike action game.
    Savor the thrill of working at new heights, while basking in the satisfaction of removing grime.
    Make full use of the diverse range of actions and equipment to efficiently clean the skyscraper. Spend your days making money and muster up the motivation to determine the course of your future within two months.
    Will you be able to break free from these mundane days?

    The uniqueness of the building cleaning action and the individuality of the game's story sets it apart from others. The concept, as well as the controls for the action part of the game, are straightforward, and completing the missions bit by bit is very fun. The story element of what the younger generation goes through in their daily lives is also very intriguing.
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    The Devil Within: SATGAT

    Developer(s):Newcore Games

    Game Summary

    A Metroidvania-like side-scroller action-adventure game, characterized by mesmerizing graphics that fuse both Eastern and Western ambience, filled with stylish and intense action!
    You are a warrior whose body is being invaded by evil forces, and must journey through a world of distorted time and space by utilizing systems such as Hyper-focus Action, Wire Action, and Devil Mode.

    The visual and graphic aspects of the game, such as the models, were the best among the entries we had this time. The action part of the game is simple to navigate while still having a lot of variety, and defeating the enemies feels great. This is a game with very stylish and exciting vibes.
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    Forgotten Fragments

    Developer(s):Binary Phoenix

    Game Summary

    Introducing a 2D puzzle platformer with robust action and beautiful pixel art!
    A young girl named Enid, who has amnesia, sets off on an adventure to recover fragments of her lost memory.
    Use the power of the magical sphere to conquer each stage.
    Enjoy hundreds of stages of varying difficulty in single player mode or local co-op mode!

    The control mechanisms are simple and well done. The ease of play is very well-designed, with each stage being short, and players can easily restart the stage even at a slightly higher difficulty level. Overall, we felt that this is nicely put together. The game's expressive pixel art, including its direction, makes it a game that anyone could get into.
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    Sea Sniffers


    Game Summary

    It looks like a peaceful fishing game at first glance, but the seals are throwing punches...?!
    Traverse the ocean floor and scavenge for treasure with your fellow animal companions in this adventure RPG!
    Explore, discover, and collect relics by diving into the great depths of the ocean with captivating graphics and sounds.
    Upgrade your animal companions and equipment, and travel further into the unseen world along the ocean floor...
    Sit back, relax, and enjoy your very own unique ocean adventure!

    Even though the build itself was still in its early stages, we could immediately see the intended player experience here. We truly felt that the developer knows how to capture the hearts and minds of the players. The sound, graphics, and overall feel of the game are all very attractive, including the question "why do these seals throw punches?"